About Us

SLIDE & HIDE System (S) Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 1995 to manufacture and supply products that optimises usage of interior space. Over the years, our brands “SLIDEHIDE” and “CAVIWALL” had been well accepted by the real estate industry as a top-quality concealed sliding door system.

To stay relevant now and in future, we fervently seek to work closely with owners, architects, designers and constructors to better understand their aspiration and needs. This interaction and networking also provide the opportunity to spot new trends and learn new concepts.

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Because our company has always maintained a staunch commitment in developing innovative products, as well as delivering superior quality products and comprehensive services, it is no surprise that our products are the preferred concealed sliding door in Asia since 1995.

Until today, our products had been installed in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Dubai, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and continuously expanding around the globe.

Our Strength

We have more than 20 years of experience, from R&D to manufacturing of concealed sliding door systems and related space-saving products.

Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver top quality space-optimisation products so that people will have more indoor space to live, work and enjoy their activities.

Our Vision

We want to be Asia’s leading corporation in delivering creative, top quality, competitive and reliable products. To retain our position, we strive to constantly innovate, stay productive and maintain high quality standard.

Our Quality

We are committed to ensuring that our space-saving products are of the highest standard and quality, to satisfy the need and expectations of all our customers.

Major Benefits of SLIDEHIDE / CAVIWALL

  • Increases the attractiveness of new housing development project to potential buyers and investors through offering a superior, thoughtful and spacious floor layout.
  • Transform wasted floor areas into usable space to allow homeowners more space for storage or to enhance their living environment.
  • Equipped Architects and Interior Designers with more flexible design options when they are faced with the challenge of delivering the best floor layout versus decreasing built-in floor area.