About Door Panel

  • What is the maximum door panel weight that the Rollers can withstand? SLIDEHIDE rollers can hang up to 120kg door.
  • What is the maximum door width limitation? The limitation for the door panel width is 1200mm.
  • What is the maximum door thickness allowed? 40mm is the max allowed, including door beading. Please check with us if door panel is going to be thicker than 40mm.
  • Is there a limitation with regards to door panel design and material? There is no restriction. Anyone can select any design and material.
  • Does the door panel wobble while it is sliding? There is a partially hidden door guide to control the sliding motion of the door panel. Hence, the wobbliness is not noticeable.
  • Will the door panel get stuck inside the casing? We have designed enough safe gap clearance and implement proper quality control in our manufacturing process to prevent this from happening.
  • Do I have to hack the wall to change the door panel? No, just remove one of the top door frame will do. Refer to our catalogue for the procedure.
  • We have experienced door panel sliding on its own caused by slanting track, due to bad workmanship or product quality. Will this defect also happen in SLIDEHIDE and CAVIWALL? Yes, the door panel will slide by itself if the track is slanting. This will not happen in SLIDEHIDE and CAVIWALL because our track is inserted into the casing and due to our standardized production process, our casing accuracy is assured.
  • Will there be a visible floor track on the floor? No, the floor finishes will not be disturbed.
  • Can I adjust the floor gap between the door panel and the floor? Yes, the gap can be adjusted between 3 to 10mm.
  • Do you supply and install the timber door frame and door panel? No we don’t for the following reasons:
    a) We are not a door contractor.
    b) The door panel and door frame design, workmanship and material used must be the same as the swing doors in other rooms.
    c) There will be economy of scale and cost if all the timber doors and frames comes from the project door contractor.
  • If the door panel and frame is supplied and installed by a 3rd party (door contractor), will there be accuracy problems? There will not be any problem. Our casing is produced by machines using systematic manufacturing processes, the casing dimensions are accurate. As such, when the door panel and frame is fixed onto the casing, it will also be accurate.


  • Can I hang objects onto the finished wall surface? Yes, if the weight is below 15kg. For weight exceeding 15kg, please check with us.
  • What is the max wall-tile thickness that can be laid on the casing? Wall-tile less than 20mm thick can be laid. Please check with us if the thickness is more than 20mm.
  • What kind of waterproofing material can be applied on the casing? There is no restriction on the type of waterproofing material.
  • Will crawling insects and rodents reside inside the casing? Since our company history, we have not heard of such incident happening.
  • How long it takes to install a casing? One skilled worker requires 30 to 45 mins to install a casing.
  • Will there be water ponding inside the cavity base? If the casing base is on the same level as the floor finishes, ponding will not happen.
  • At which construction stage will the casing need to be installed? Immediately after erection of brickwall or partition wall and lintel.

About SLIDEHIDE Rollers

  • What is the lifespan of SLIDEHIDE rollers? Under normal usage and within our design specification, more than 10 years is definitely no issue.
  • Is SLIDEHIDE rollers noisy while the door panel slides? So far our customers are happy with the smoothness and quietness of SLIDEHIDE rollers.


  • Is customized clear door opening width possible, eg. 820mm? It can be done if the quantity exceed 100 sets for one size.
  • What is the acoustic performance of SLIDEHIDE and CAVIWALL? So far the sound damping property is acceptable to our customers.
  • Will the cavity wall vibrate when the door panel is sliding? No such problem.
  • What is the warranty period? Our standard warranty period is ONE year.